McTeggart Irish Dancers of North Texas

About Us


The McTeggart Irish Dancers of North Texas, founded by Maureen McTeggart Hall T.C.R.G, A.D.C.R.G. and currently under the direction of Anne Hall T.C.R.G, A.D.C.R.G. has been offering classes in competitive and performance Irish step dancing in the DFW area since 1984. Our dancers not only compete locally, regionally, and internationally but they perform throughout the area at schools, retirement homes, and major cultural events to promote and keep alive the art of traditional Irish dancing.  We offer outstanding instruction to help our dancers meet their goals and develop a lifelong love of dance!


Meet Our Team

With over 50 years of dancing experience between them, these coaches have the knowledge and skills to transform any student into the dancer they desire to become.

Nyssa Milburn, Coach

Aurora Averill, TCRG

Jason Hays, TCRG